Twitter: You have permission to ignore the hype

Don’t bother with Twitter if you talk with friends and family on the phone (or by text) and you see people in person and you stay in contact with all your work colleagues without any problems and have a good career plan.

Let the pioneers make it more usable for a year – check it out at the start of 2010.

  1. warzabidul said:

    I’d also say wait for it to become more than just a PR and marketing tool, wait for the European amsses to come in and use it as a lifestyle tool in the same way that facebook is.

    If you come in too early you’ll see too many people speaking about productivity etc.

    It’s not a bad thing. I’m enjoying twitter.

  2. Rob said:

    I have succeeded in avoiding Twitter so far. Perhaps I’m a recluse. If it’s like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, all of which I’ve got a presents on but only visit once a month or so, then Twitter sounds … boring. The name itself, Twitter, makes it sound like it contains inane conversation. Like a giant cocktail party. Boring.

    I suppose I’ll have to try it just to see what all the hoopla is about. I can barely keep up with the blogs I subscribe to. Especially if I’m going to add comments … like this one.



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