Final Cut Pro: Any suggestions for my plugin?

In the next few days I’ll upload a free plugin for you to download that will let you create closing credits scrolls in a Final Cut Pro generator. Before I finish it, have you got any ideas for features? Here is a preview of the Canvas screen while I change settings in the control tab of the generator:

Leave any suggestions in the comments of this post.

  1. foto3d said:

    Can you align the Text to the Left and right? Maybe for every Row? That would Rock.

    And how do you insert the Text? Is there a Field for the left and the right Row? Or how is it done?

    Maybe a Screenshot of the inputs would be usefull.

    Looks Good from what I’ve seen.


  2. Alex said:

    Just like the scrolling text generator, all the text is entered in a single field. For titles aligned right and names aligned left, seperate with a ‘*’

  3. Wyman said:

    Any parameters for scrolling speed?

  4. Alex said:

    It’ll have three animation options: from In to Out (like normal text generators), % complete – so you can animate using keyframes and pixels per second.

  5. Mathieu said:

    an ajustable letterbor/pillarbox generator would be great. I do a lot of tv ads shot in HD ou RED but clients need to se it 4:3 fast so an adjustable generator givig black bars for pillarbox would be very usefull.

    It would be useful to when working on weirds crops for jobs ending on a website.

  6. Charles said:

    Can you include graphics such as a logo. Would be nice, wouldn’t it?


    • Alex said:

      That feature will be in the Pro version. For now you can use another free plugin of mine: Alex4d Move

  7. Enrique said:

    Hey thanks for the plugin.

    Im using it to make NTSC rolling credits at 120 pixels per second but Im getting a stutter about once every second. Is it something im doing wrong or is that problem just unresolvable?

    • Alex said:

      Unfortunately I don’t know the answer. Being based in PAL-land without a NTSC broadcast monitor means I don’t have enough experience. The maths built into the programming of the plugin is simple, so I don’t think it is a fault there.

      All I can suggest is to try slightly different rates – such as 119 or 121. Does it happen twice as often at 240 or half as often at 60…

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