Longer-term storage might catch up…

…in the medium term. At the moment it makes financial sense for freelance editors to buy a drive or two per client and break them out each time a new job comes up. With the transition from DV and HDV to higher-bandwidth codecs, we’re all hoping for a larger capacity long-term backup system.

I think a CD-sized write-once disc that can hold 1-5TB is a good target. Once you write two copies, you got a good backup system that does take up too much space. The Register talks about a possible candidate. They even state a 100MB/s read-write data rate. Not bad.

A car lands in an alley in seven years and five months

It is seven years until we reach the date portrayed in ‘Back to the Future Part II.’ There probably won’t be flying cars and weather control, but we might have a new disposable optical format based on lasers and diodes.

The alternative is that everything will be kept in a distributed cloud of storage accessible by the IPv7-enabled internet, and no-one will need to see a storage medium ever again.

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  1. Brizmo said:

    Sci-Fi future movies often under-estimate the power of computing while over-estimating the objects most intimate to humanity (buildings, autos, food). After all this time spent on our computers, you’d think we would have a better idea of their capabilities and growth rate. HAL seems tame next to the supercomputers of actual 2001.

    And they couldn’t control the weather in B2TF II, they were just really good at predicting it.

    Two thumbs up for this blog!

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