Slower – going wrong in an interesting way

In Final Cut Studio’s Compressor application, you need yo use different settings for different slow motion speeds. Certain footage cannot be slowed down to 1/8th normal speed and still look as if you used a high-speed camera. However the effect that is produced when you tell Compressor to slow it down that much looks interesting.

So that I didn’t get any motion blur, I set the shutter speed to 1/500th. I shot interlaced because I needed as many samples as possible per second. That is more important than vertical resolution (which is what you get if you shoot progressive).

The sample footage is made up of two shots of my hands and some water.

If you want to see the video at 720p go over to Vimeo.

1. Original footage.

2. Final Cut Pro 1/2 speed version: [‘Speed…’ from the Modify menu] This throws away one field for each frame and creates new frames by blending existing ones.

3. Compressor 1/2 speed frame blended version: Takes each field and deinterlaces to produce a frame.

4. Compressor 1/4 speed motion compensated version: Looks at each frame to see in which direction groups of pixels are moving – creates new frames based on these guesses.

5. Compressor 1/4 speed high quality motion compensated version: As before, but spending more time analysing the pixels in each frame.

6. Compressor 1/8 speed high quality motion compensated version: As before, but slower. This shows that 1/8th speed doesn’t work with this kind of footage, but it does ‘go wrong’ in an interesting way.

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