I went to see “Lust, Caution” this evening. The film was great. Most of the film was in close-ups, but there were also some stunning wartime cityscapes.

The fact that big-budget movies can now recreate any city in any time-period cheers me up. In twenty years, there’ll be a simple piece of software that will be able to render any background onto any shot taken by a camera – moving as well as still. The world of 3D simulation for use in the home will start with flying over mountains in the Arctic or amongst the animals of the savannah. Eventually we’ll be able to take a walk down any street in any city in the world in any time period we choose.

City plans and photos and artists impressions and reportage will be combined to create these simulations. Brands in shops will be determined by contemporaneous photos cross-referenced by corporate archives. Streets will be populated by simulations of people based on photos taken at that time. Newspaper archives will be processed and combined with other databases into huge 4D models.

I’m looking forward to walking down my street in London on the day that I was born. Where and when will you walk?


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