Will you be by friend?

Facebook. I’m seeing it as a test of insecurity. That says a lot about me. Why have a map of the world that shows where I’ve been? What should I think that says about me? How many friends would I like to have listed on my profile? What if my friends think I don’t have ‘enough’ or have ‘too many’?

There’s an article about Facebook’s definition of friendship on First Monday.

Then there’s the issue of meeting up with long-lost school friends and workmates.

When I find people I haven’t seen for twenty years, what do I say to them? When they ask me how I’ve done over the years, do I need to exaggerate? Facebook can be like a school reunion every time you connect with a name from the past – you know how bad they can be…

  1. Norman said:

    To make a very broad generalization — I find that people who have travelled have a slightly different view on life than those who haven’t. As a result, I like to know who of my Facebook friends (I <strong?love Facebook). Facebook aside, when you’re talking with friends, don’t you like to know where they’ve been?

  2. Norman said:

    Oops. My HTML didn’t work in my comment, because I didn’t type it right (my laptop screen is on the fritz and I can’t really see my typing very well).


  3. Alex said:

    I suppose I currently use Facebook to keep friends updated. Friends that I’ve met in person. They know that my old job gave me the chance to travel the world. But at only three days in each location. So putting many pins into a map of the world doesn’t say anything more about me than my friends already know. I imagine that the use of such maps is that you can see if any of your friends have been to a place you are about to go to. Then they can give you the inside story of what the place is really like.

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