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You should bookmark Norman Hollyn’s blog. Why?

He wrote The Film Editing Room handbook. All you need to know about how to set up and maintain all the technical aspects of editing feature films. He starts with pre-production and follows the process through to the answer print. As well as technical issues, he also covers how to deal with those you need to interact with: The camera department, the director, equipment suppliers, telecine companies, effects houses and the sound editors. You learn what information you need to supply them, and what they expect of you.

He is responsible for the teaching of editing at USC (now known as the USC School of Cinematic Arts). He developed the courses that the prospective editors, producers and directors take to learn editing from first principles. You can hear him talk about editing in film schools on these two Avid Podcasts: web part 1, web part 2 (iTunes part 1, iTunes part 2).

His blog is a great place to keep up with debates on the place of the editor in film making.

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  1. Norman said:

    Thanks so much for the mention (I was aware of it, but I’ve been too crazy here with projects to get this comment back to you) and the very kind words.

    It is very cool, I think, how those of us who are involved in editing are finding each other through the blogosphere. Now we need to push the long distance editing concept. I’m trying to work with a few people here in the States to move that concept closer to reality.

    Good luck to us all! (and to all a good night).

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