Terminal screening

So, as I’m sitting there with Jean and Iris, Uch comes over and asks if I could introduce my film. I thought my little piece would be a gap filler between films. I was the opening act. I was suprised to find that public speaking didn’t worry me too much.

Up until last year, I would have been frozen in fear at the thought of standing up and talking to a crowd of more than five people. Then I had the task to introducing the documentary I made with George Blackstone – The Things We Do for Love. I hosted the fund-raising screening – I introduced our guest speakers, the film, my producer and managed the short Q&A. I wasn’t worried at all. The evening went well. I was shocked at my new ability.

The whole point of being the animator, the designer, the editor is to let your work do the talking. To stay safely backstage. Fear of making myself known to an audience sent me down my particular lines of endeavour.

So it was this evening. I may have talked a little quickly, but I think the screening went well. A block away from Grand Central Terminal.

I’m looking forward to the next one.


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