Editing Lesson

Back in the early 80s I used to listen to a Hip Hop show on Capital Radio in London. This is in the days before Rap. Electro had yet to sweep the U.K. It was a time when people were using the sound of early video games on records. Africa Bambaataa created tracks such as “Planet Rock” and “Looking for the Perfect Beat.”

The record that stood out for me each Saturday night was “The Payoff Mix” – an amazing collage of music and film sounds: James Brown, The Funky Four Plus One More, Grandmaster Flash, Malcolm McLaren and the World Famous Supreme Team, In Deep, Whizz Kid and G.L.O.B.E. combined with Humphrey Bogart, Culture Club, The Incredible Bongo Band, Little Richard, dance record instructions, Herbie Hancock, The Supremes and an old-time preacher.

It was created in response to a mix competition organised by Sugar Hill records. The competition winners were a couple of ‘old’ guys from the advertising business: Double Dee and Steinski. ‘Old’ in this case meant 31. “The Payoff Mix” created the genre of sampling and was the precursor to the genre of 2001: bootlegging.

For the history of sampling and bootlegging and the music of the 21st century, please download Raiding the 20th Century – a 59 minute history of all you need to know. The first three minutes feature at least three Beatles tracks, the Beastie Boys and the 20th Century Fox theme. if you wait awhile, you’ll hear some lovely Glitch Music (as well as S Club, Nirvana and Aqua). Perfect for your 59 minute visit to the gym. Once you have downloaded the mp3, start listening at 17 minutes and 21 seconds…

Why am I mentioning this? “The Payoff Mix” was probably the piece of art that inspired me to be an editor. I’ve heard that Steinski has started up his old radio show again. Listen in or stream old shows to find out more.


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