Embarrassing cuisine

There I am, at 1:30 in the morning, near the till of the local bodega. A woman that a vaguely recognise asks me a question. As I answer I’m aware that however debonair I am, there’s a limit to how impressive can be. I’m holding a box of microwaveable White Castle burgers. Oh well. I’ve seen many chain restaurants in my explorations around Manhattan and Brooklyn, but not the fabled White Castle. One of the few fast food chains mentioned in at least two film titles. The closest I’ve come to trying their legendary food was in 1991, when Burger King did a limited edition run of ‘burger buddies’ – a mini double-bun containing two little burger patties. No doubt inspired by White Castle. So, within the next few days I’ll be that much closer to the real thing.

Wish me luck!

New Yorkers are so friendly. They ask for directions. They strike up conversations about Graffiti artists. They ask if they saw you earlier on the subway.

Megan heard me talk to Jean earlier on the subway. She gathered that we might be something to do with the New York film community (is ‘scene’ an old-fashioned term?). Of course, as we’re meeting late on a Saturday night in Chelsea, it turns out the she’s a film maker too. I’d be surprised if this sort of thing happened to me in London. After these last few weeks in New York, I almost expect it here.

Maybe Jean will be able to get both Megan and I into the Brooklyn Filmmaker’s Collective meeting on Tuesday. As guests only of course.

Jean and I were on the way back from a successful meeting of the Epiphany film networking group. We all enjoyed watching Terrell Perkins’ artistic short film ‘A Struggle’s Paradise.’ An impressionistic short film that owed a lot to ‘City Lights’ and the music of Mozart and Orff.

One of the other people attending was DJ Uch, who runs a film showcase each month. There’s a chance that he might show my new 1 minute short ‘First Cut’ at his next event on 22nd July.

All that and it’s only two in the morning!

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  1. Megan said:

    Hi Alex,

    I can’t believe I’m already on your blog. Yeah, New York is so open. Cute! I didn’t know that was Jean on the subway. Love to go Tuesday. Let’s talk.


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