Back in the 80s…

I almost wrote a book on music videos. We got to the proposal stage, but MTV was only available to a few people in the UK at the time, so the book-buying public didn’t have a way of seeing the videos.

Now of course, many of the videos I would have written about are available for free for you all to have a look at… (edited to show that all but the Bjork one have been taken down from YouTube)

Hey Little Girl by Icehouse

I liked the videos with a little storyline to them. This one is a mini movie with a fractured time structure(!):

Questionnaire by Chaz Jankel

This one isn’t on YouTube, but is worth checking out. It’s the extended version of the song, so the ideas from the normal version are spread out over a longer time, but it’s worth checking out (despite the poor picture quality):

More recent videos that are worth seeing:

Sugar Water by Cibo Matto

Why edit when you can do the whole video in ‘one take’ – that works backwards as well as forwards…

Bachelorette by Bjork

A story within a story about a story…


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