New York: The story so far!

I’ve just received an email from a friend saying that this blog has become a bit technical. I’ve been chasing ratings: I want to keep those people interested in screenwriting and editing coming back for more. That means I’ve neglected family and friends. Sorry about that!

It’s been two weeks and two days of the course and everything is going well. We’ve had an interesting project a week. The first was a short documentary piece – cutting ten minutes of raw footage down to a short piece about using chainsaws to carve wood. Last week’s project was making a scene for an indie movie. This was made more difficult as the twenty minutes of footage was complete improvisation – shot with a single camera, which kept in a close up trying to keep up with three people arguing around a dinner table.

This week finds us working on a scene from a comedy film called ‘The Marconi Bros.’ It is still in post, but we have access to all the takes and setups from a single scene. The lead actor in the film will be hitting your screens this summer in ‘Balls of Fury.’

Sorry the entries on other subjects have been so long. If you skip those and look for the ones categorised ‘Alex,’ the amount of stuff here will be easier to get through.

Alternatively, you can click the Alex category button on the list to the right to see a list of just those entries. Click the title of an entry to read the full text.


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