The in sound of Inwood

Of course there are at least two. The ones north of Washington Heights used to be a single district settled by people from Poland. One side of Broadway features teeming hordes of Hispanic Americans. Ther other is the district that is ‘coming up.’ There are still some places that are affordable for the young creative people coming to make their way in New York.

This evening’s destination was the opening evening for an exhibition at the 207 Gallery. The very reasonably priced pieces are each inspired by New York’s subway system. The most memorable is a huge ball of twine coloured the same as the colour of the A train – the longest route in the system. It is over 31 miles long. The artist discovered exactly how long the route is in miles, feet and inches and made sure that twine making up the ball was exactly the same length.

The magical thing about the evening was the people I met, the people that Jean introduced to me: Tyrel the film maker and artist, Richard the photographer and Donna Tsufura the film maker.


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