Apple Motion

A good way to learn Motion 5 is to analyze the many effect, transition, title and generator templates built into Final Cut Pro X.

You can do this inside FCP X by control- or right-clicking the template and choosing ‘Open a Copy in Motion’ – but there’s a quick way to get access to nearly all the built-in effects in Final Cut Pro (the ones implemented using Motion).

In the Applications folder control- or right-click the Final Cut Pro application and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu:

Open the sub-folders in Final Cut Pro X so that the contents of ‘Final Cut’ is visible:

The Motion templates that implement the effects, transitions, titles and generators in Final Cut Pro are in the ‘Templates’ folder. Use option-drag to make a copy of the whole folder elsewhere on your computer. Don’t forget to rename the Templates folder to something like ‘Motion Templates built-in’

Check out my free effects and articles on my Final Cut Pro X home page.

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