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These six Final Cut Pro X effects give you more control over the way transform and trim effects work.

You can choose how values change between keyframes – effect the shape of the value curves for x position, y position, rotation, scale and edge trim amount:

In the scale and rotation effects you can also set the centre point around which the clip is scaled and rotated:


Magic Lantern is a system for adding features to Canon DSLRs, Unified is a recent ML package enables some cameras to shoot footage that can processed to produce content with a larger exposure range – i.e. High Dynamic Range.

The files produced are made up of alternate frames of under- and over-exposed footage. My new generators take these frames and give you the control to define how the overexposed frames are overlayed on top of the underexposed frames.

For more information on Unified and Magic Lantern and the software to for your Canon DSLR, visit the Wiki

December 2012:  I’ve replaced the generators that were here with a single effect.


Go to my newer blog post on the new version.


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