Final Cut: My free Cube Spin transition plugin

This is an improved version of Apple’s built in Cube Spin transition.
Cube Spin Alex4D transition sample frames

This video shows the improved options:

The first part of the controls provide extra options:
Cube Spin - Spin controls

The second part gives you control of how the spin effect is applied. You can display a graph showing how the spin value ranges from 1 to 0 – with 1 at the start of the transition, 0 at the end. Bezier control points define the shape of the curve between 1 an 0:
Cube Spin - Curve controls

This graph shows how Final Cut’s built in ‘Cube Spin’ transitions from 1 to 0 – a uniform slope:
Uniform graph

The default graph for the ‘Cube Spin – Alex4D’ transition starts and finishes gradually:
Graph starting and finishing smoothly

The bezier control points can be modified so the transition starts slowly and finishes quickly:
A graph that starts slowly and finishes quickly

Or so that the cube spins quickly initially (the graph starts very steeply), then slows down as the transition finishes:
Fast start, slow finish graph

This is the graph of the transition shown in the video where the cube spins forwards, backwards and forwards again:
Spin forwards, backwards and forwards graph

You can also set different border thicknesses and colours for the outgoing and incoming clips:
The first part of the border controls

Download Cube Spin - Alex4D transition
To use this plugin, download the ZIP document, copy the ‘Cube Spin – Alex4D.fcfcc’ file to

Your Startup HD/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins

(Your Startup HD/Users/your name/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Express Support/Plugins for Final Cut Express users)

‘Cube Spin – Alex4D’ will appear in the ‘3D Simulation’ video transition category.

Visit my Final Cut home for more plugins and tips

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of these free plugins! I really appreciate it.

  2. igarti said:

    Many thanks for sharing your Plugins. Really appreciate for its technical value.

  3. Excellent!! All the way from Venezuela Thank you!

  4. Roger Evans said:

    Fantastic effect

    Couldn’t find this in FCP 10 after upgrading frim FCP 7

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